Montag, 4. Juni 2012

about me

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¥ every start is the beginning of a new part 

when i began planning to start this blog, i thought about a site full of fashion
beauty & lifestyle but how to start ?! 
you cannot just animate people to follow you, if they don't know a thing 'bout you.
so i decided to tell you 
10 things to know 
about me. to get started.

1. i'm nathalie.nadine & blonde. please don't stop reading at this part *smile
2. i love my chihuahua teQuilla sunrise & my mummy 
3. i love love love music¯beauty. fashion & sushi
4. i'm the creative head of somnııQ 
5. i do pole dance (acrobatics) 
6. i love to do crazy things
7. i love to laugh 
8. i'm addicted to chocolate
9. i'm german and live in austria
10. last but not least: my entire n'spiration for all my work is dedicated on somnııQ

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