every start is the beginning of a new part 
how to start ?! you cannot just animate people to follow you, if they don't know a thing 'bout you.
so i decided to tell you 10 things to know about me - to get started.

1. i'm nathalie.nadine & blonde: please don't stop reading at this part *smile
2I could not live without my chihuahua (teQuilla) and my car (mr.green)
3. i'm a heartworker & dancer. i love music, beauty & sushi 
4. i sleep a lot because i like to dream 
5. i do poledance & yoga
6. i love to laugh
7. i'm addicted to chocolate
8. i'm german - living in austria (linz)
9. i love my work as creative head & pr fee
10. last but not least: my entire n'spiration for all my work is dedicated on somnııQ


  1. What a nice profile pic!

    I see you have just started with your blog, so: Welcome :) And always happy blogging!!!

  2. THANK YOU & welcome to mY lil crazy blog-worl:D

  3. Hallo somnııQ,

    du hast einen tollen Blog & eine ebensolche tolle Seite! Viel Spass & Erfolg, weiter so! Mara


all my lyrics are written with love - please treat it with love ♥

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